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Rachel ML
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The Rachel family of chairs is characterised by originality and personality within the Cattelan Italia chair collection.
The shell and seat are rich in sartorial details, realised with the utmost care and precision. The backrest has a polygonal shape, emphasised by rounded edges and gentle curves, which blends fluidly into the seat. The latter is arched upwards and allows it to wrap around the body for maximum comfort. At the sides, a padded edge contours the soft cushion and further accentuates the comfortable appearance of this upholstered designer chair.
The family consists of 4 variants that differ in shape and base material. Rachel Wood has legs made of precious woods, while Rachel ML with its steel legs, is lighter and more manoeuvrable.
Rachel Cantilever has the typical "cantilevered" feature its name suggests, realised with an arched base cleverly designed to match the proportions of the body. Finally the Rachel Turn swivel chair has a 4-spoke base that provides a perfect fit for a contract environment or a dining room where conviviality is favoured.
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