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Slide door wardrobe
Poker is an extremely flexible unit range that can be configured in many different ways.
Suitable for many uses, Poker fits perfectly into any space.
From bedrooms to living rooms, laundry rooms to studies, this range offers the perfect solution for every living space.
The range is made up of a wealth of different units including various configurations of open-fronted units, external drawer units, desks, peninsula units and TV units.
Much attention has also been paid to the interiors, with highly practical pull-out elements (such as beds and table tops), in addition to handy trays, extra-large drawers,
shoe racks and clothes airers.
Poker is also a made-to-measure range; we have done away with fixed measurements and opened the door to complete freedom of choice in terms of the height of the
swinging units and seasonal swinging units from 194.3 cm up to 290.3 cm, and from 194.3 to 255.1 cm for sliding units.
There is also a wide range of doors, finishes and handles, and exclusive magnetic accessories that give an original touch to this line of units.
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