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Amsterdam by Cattelan Italia. The Amsterdam model is a sophisticated wooden sideboard that combines two finishes, alternating on the doors. The vertical slats, of varying sizes, give a rhythm to the composition by alternating light and dark, like the keys of a piano.
The entire structure is finished in the exclusive Oxybrass finish, brushed freehand with artisan mastery. The doors are fitted with burned oak inserts, which give the structure dynamism by protruding outwards.
The most eye-catching detail are the steel feet composed of curved plates. They further contribute to a chiaroscuro effect and also soften the design where rigid geometries prevail.
This design cabinet is a charming piece of furniture that gives personality to a modern living room. Thanks to the combination of industrial-inspired finishes and delicate wood textures, it retains a classic and refined allure while being a modern design.
Amsterdam is made with 2, 3 or 4 doors to tailor any room.
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