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from £699
90 x 190 cm
Single Mattress
135 x 190 cm
Double Mattress
150 x 200 cm
King Mattress
This unique model includes hand-teased horsehair for supreme resilience. With an innovative Sensa Intelligent spring system comprising of innovative Cortec™ springs working in harmony with contouring micro springs. Four rows of side stitching to the border and a luxurious, in-house woven wool damask fabric that is 100% FR chemical free provides luxurious sustainable comfort.
Sensa Intelligent Springs
Advanced Cortec Revolution Core Springs
2 Layers of HD 2500 Micro Springs
Sensa Intelligent Springs System
Natural Cotton, British Eco Wool, Hemptex
Sensa Intelligent Springs System
2 Rows
Perfected Side Stitching
Luxury Wool Soft Feel
Perfected Side Stitching

A Somnus sleep is sheer, sumptuous luxury.
Each bed is upholstered with the finest home-grown, sustainable natural filings and features the Sensa intelligent spring system. They are handmade making each bed unique. 

100% FR Chemical Free Fabric
Somus ethos focuses on healthier sleep and that means creating sleep surfaces completely free from chemicals. State-of-the-art looms are combined with traditional weaving methods to weave luxurious Fire Retardant, FR chemical free mattress fabric, which snugly envelops every Somus mattress. Each sumptuous mattress is glue free, foam free and R chemical free.

Cortec "Revolution"
Unique to Somnus 100% recyclable advanced Cortec "Revolution" core springs feature at the heat of each mattress. With more individual points of contact and an innovative spring-within-a-spring design, these springs adapt and contour to precision accuracy to provide superb and luxurious comfort and work in conjunction with contouring micro springs.

Sumptuous by nature
Somnus us only the most luxurious 100% natural fillings, carefully blended to make the perfect, luxurious sleep environment. Fibres are chosen for their sumptuous softness, inherent resilience, breathability and temperature controlling qualities are handcrafted into every mattress.

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